Getting to the core of production design

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Getting to the core of production design
Meet two internationally acclaimed production designers Gemma Jackson and Andrew McAlpine in a conversation with Danish colleague Jette Lehmann.
We will spend 2 days focused on production design, working methods, collaboration with directors and cinematographers bringing us into the heart of the profession.
Gemma Jackson and Andrew McAlpine will bring clips but also sketches and notes from some of their many films.
In the morning we will all be seated in the cinema. After lunch we will continue in two master classes to create a more intimate atmosphere for more specific subjects. You will all get the chance to meet both of them during the two days.
Andrew McAlpine is born in Auckland, New Zealand. Having graduated with an MFA in Fine Arts, Andrew has made more than 35 feature films over the last 25 years including The Piano directed by Jane Campion; Clockers directed by Spike Lee; The Beach directed by Danny Boyle;  Æon Flux directed by Karyn Kusama; An Education by Lone Scherfig and Quartet directed by Dustin Hoffman.
Gemma Jackson is a British production designer and art director. Jackson was the lead Production Designer on Game of Thrones for Season 1- 3 and worked on the following films, The Miracle, Neil Jordan; A Far Off Place, Mikael Salomon;  Limbo, John Sayles; State and Main, David Mamet; Finding Neverland, Marc Forster, amongst others.
Jette Lehmann is a Danish production designer and architect whose film work includes Wilbur, Lone Scherfig; Dear Wendy, Thomas Vinterberg; Nordkraft, Ole Christian Madsen; Melancholia, Lars von Trier; Marie Krøyer, Bille August; I lossens time, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen amongst others.

The seminar will be held in English
Place: The National Film School of Denmark
Date: October 3rd and 4th
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