The production of music video, “Bånsull”


The production of music video, “Bånsull”

by martin Hawkes

Liv Runesdatter had approached me previously with the idea of a music video collaboration. I had had my doubts as to whether or not I would be interested in doing a video for a folk artist. Only after listening to her track “ So, Ro Snuberrusken Min” did I appreciate her artistry and the potential that a collaboration between us could have.

I was inspired, first and foremost, by the locale in which we were shooting. Frank Shortt (my camera assistant) and I traveled from South Rogaland up North, then back East and finally west along the coast of Jaeren, a five day journey that saw us driving and hiking through some of nature's most spectacular vistas. We were filming a lullaby and lullabies are rooted in tradition and the very landscape we were surrounded by reflected this. This was about the past and about the  longevity of the natural world. This longevity is also the nature of a lullaby. While we do have the tangible - like water and waves and forest and grass that all stand the test of time - we also have the cerebral - like stories and songs - that we share with our young.

I chose to shoot this project on Super 16mm film since film has the timeless feel that this job demanded. We did not want it to have a current look, but rather a timeless quality. We shot primarily during "magic hour," that being dawn and dusk. This colour and contrast was further pursued during our colouring timing session at Deluxe in Toronto. The film was scanned to HD and edited at Saft Film by Jon Garcia DePresno. Liv Runesdatter has used the video as a promotion for her live performances and has already screened it and had performances in Germany and Azerbaijan. So go check the video out at:



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