So, here we are :)


So, here we are at Haugesunds Filmfestival, in the lovely boat "Sandnes". Meeting interesting people eeevery single day! Amanda is loved wherever she is mentioned and the audience aaah ,yes,precious audience are watching films , hoping to find a new film treasure to keep in their hearts forever. 

Everything is jolly good and we are having remarkable nachspiels every night! nach nach nachspiel in haugeeesuuund(melody: knocking on heavens door)

I am very proud to introduce myself as one out of four voulanteries from Team FK. I think we make a superb team!! oooooh yes indeed! :)

The days here has been busy and fuilled with entertaining (and non entertaining) films. But still it's nice to look at the diversity in films and to be inspired by other film makers. I must say i found joy in watching " Den siste revejakten"

This is my first time at the film festival in Haugesund and I am certain it's not the last trip to this exiting and lugar crowded  place.  Today is wednesday and yet again alcohol and social events are on the menue.Today we are attending a party with swedish "danseband" music from the 70's (i think) det blir ju kram mysigt och jette cul! partaj hela natten!! 

So to all of you back in Stavanger.If you are not coming to Haugesund this year, you better show upp next year! or you will miss out on all the festivities.

this might be a very internal joke but : "dont worry,we are not gonna rape you"




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