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I samarbeid med by:Larm og Nordic Game arrangerer Norsk filminstitutt flere seminarer og happenings med tema musikk i spill under festivalen 18-20. februar, bl.a. en performance og gratis forelesning med den japanske spilldesigneren og musikeren Masaya Matsuura!

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NB! Det er fri inngang til forelesningen med Masaya Matsuura og den påfølgende debatten. Man trenger derfor ikke delegatpass for å delta på denne delen av arrangementet.
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Torsdag 18. februar
Let the music do the talking
13:30-14:30 Royal Christiania Hotel (Royal Christiania Hotel - Royal Christiania Hotel) 
Speaker: Orvar Säfström
The video game phenomena is steadily growing, both in regards to sales and ambitions. The game’s soundtracks have come a long way from the monotonous beeping sounds from the 70s to today’s symphonic compositions and interactive electronica.
That is all well and good, but is game music a viable cultural expression in its own right, or does it merely complement the overall experience and function as an atmosphere amplifier. Orvar Säfström will discuss game music’s past and future, differences and similarities with film music and the trials and tribulationsinvolved in setting up a symphonic game concert.

Orvar Säfström is a Swedish television presenter and film critic. He began his television career on ZTV in 1996 and departed thereafter for SVT where he presented the Filmkrönikan in the spring of 2006, amongst other things.

Orvar Säfström was for a period the vocalist in the metal band Entombed where he also contributed lyrics. In recent years Orvar has devoted himself increasingly to video games and game music. He has been compere for the Swedish Game Awards and has taken the initiative to set up several game music concerts together with the Malmø Symphony Orchestra and Norrland’s Opera Symphony Orchestra. He has also written a book about games, is game reviewer for Sydsvenska Dagbladet and Hemmabiotidningen, and has previously written for the Swedish game magazine Gamereactor.

Funcom, production of soundtracks for games
16:30-17:30 Royal Christiania Hotel (Royal Christiania Hotel - Royal Christiania Hotel) 
Speaker: Knut Avenstroup-Haugen
Knut Avenstroup-Haugen is associated with the Norwegian branch of the international company Funcom, and he is the composer of the soundtrack for Age of Conran.

Funcom received the “American Movie composers” awards for best soundtrack to film and games in the USA last year. They have used a number of Norwegian and international musicians, orchestras and others on both this and the next Conan soundtrack. Avenstroup-Haugen will explain how they have proceeded and what lies behind such a project.

Fredag 19. februar
Where music and games collide
17:00-18:15 Folketeateret (Operapassasjen v/Youngstorget - )
Speaker: Performance and lecture by Masaya Matsuura
With over a dozen music albums released as a musician and another dozen games released as a games designer, NanaOn-Sha president Masaya Matsuura is uniquely placed to cross-analyse these two creative industries.
What can the game industry learn from the older, hardened music industry? And what unexplored elements of music can we expect to see in future games?

Using his own projects as case studies, Masaya will map out the past, present and future of the booming music game sector in this insightful and inspiring talk.

An artist with extraordinary music sense who plays with technology to create entertainment media, Masaya started his career back in 1983 when he formed the band PSY’S (pronounced “Size”). Famed for pushing the frontiers of computer music for the time, PSY’S disbanded in 1996 after nine hit albums. That same year, Masaya took Japan by storm with the release of “PaRappa The Rapper” for PlayStation, winning notable awards and changing the landscape of gaming forever. Masaya’s 1999 release, “vib-ribbon” (PlayStation) was another gaming revolution, trailblazing the concept of procedurally generated course designs by beat-scanning Audio CD’s. In 2003, Masaya produced and composed unique sound capabilities for the new Aibo “ERS-7” robot dog, further establishing his reputation as a leader in sound design and theory across multiple industries.

2005 saw the release of “Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop” (Nintendo DS) which sold more than a million copies in Japan alone. The game’s runaway success led to acclaimed sequels in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Continuing his desire to broaden the appeal of games Masaya also masterminded the release of “musika” for the iPod in 2008.
In 2009 the Wii game “Major Minor’s Majestic March” became Masaya’s first commercial collaboration with acclaimed artist Rodney Alan Greenblat since 2001’s “PaRappa the Rapper 2”. By giving the player responsibility to lead a marching band, the game again demonstrated Masaya’s desire to explore the boundaries of music in games.

He is also the first and only Japanese Emeritus member of the Advisory Board for the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in The United States.

Musical Infidelities
18:15-19:00 Folketeateret (Operapassasjen v/Youngstorget - ) 
Speaker: Panel TBA, moderator; Orvar Säfström
The music industry has seen drastic changes in a short period of time in terms of sales, distribution and structure. The game industry on the other hand is rapidly expanding with new possibilities and new customer groups emerging constantly.
Are these two isolated phenomena or do they affect each other? How is our general approach to music and its uses altered by the changes in our media landscape? A panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for game music in a cross media driven future.

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Torsdag 18. februar
Fredag 19. februar

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