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"Reise og skapelse" er temaet for IBN Arabí Film Festival i Murcia, Spania 31. januar til 5. februar 2010. Arrangører ønsker bidrag innen 10. desember. Temaet kan tolkes bokstavlig eller i overført betydning.
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IBAFF(Ibn Arabi Film Festival) will happen from January 31st to February 5th 2011 in Murcia, Spain. 
This year the festival provides an official section award and also a
section of selected films from others international festivals which also
encourage universal conciliation, respect towards diverse beliefs and the
culture of understanding.
Based on the concept Travel and Creation, films competing for the official
section are mainly based on travel in all its guises; from geographical
trips to human or even spiritual introspections.
The festival is going to be an open door towards the dialogue and
recognition of the dignity of others. It will serve as a model for the
spiritual journey towards unity and opposite world conjunction. We took
the name of the festival from the great Sufi mystic born in Murcia 1165
Ibn Arabí because of the inseparable dimensions of his life is very close
to the concept of the whole festival.
Ibn Arabi importance, in the widest sense of the word, comes from his
thoughts and ideas about geographical and spiritual travel - the search
for oneself, his experience of life, promoting tolerance and respect
towards all cultures and beliefs and the search for beauty and love in all
daily things and in nature. We have to remember that his tireless
travelling took him from the south of Al Ándalus and right across Morocco
to the most important cities of the Middle East and Damascus, current
Syria's capital, where he died in 1240.
In the first edition of Ibn Arabi festival, the renowned iranian
film-maker Majid Majidi was lifetime achievement awarded due to his
recognized contributions to the world of cinema.
The deadline for submission is Dec 10, 2010. 
Films can
be in the format of feature films or short films and of any genre:
documentary, animation, fiction, video Art, etc
The selection will be made by an international panel of judges chosen by
the festival. The panel of judges will present the winner with an
exclusive award of 6000 to the best film.
Please fill out our application and submit a copy of your recent
film/video works. 
Contact information:
Mahmoud Reza Sani
Director of IBAFF
Ibn Arabi Film Festival
31th jan - 5th feb 2011
NB! Søknadsskjema kan fåes fra kallestein@filmkraft.no
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