Filmer ønskes!

Barnefilmfestivalen i Kristiansand åpner nå for innsendelse av filmer. Påmeldingsfrist er 10. januar.
krsand barnefilmfestival liten


Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival (KICFF) in Norway is now accepting submissions for its 14th edition, held from May 3rd - 8th 2011. 


We are looking for quality, innovative features, shorts and documentaries that are suitable for children and young people, including age 14+. The films should be no older than two years at the time of the festival. KICFF is a steadily growing festival of significant national and international importance. In 2010, more than 11 000 tickets were sold to the films in our programmes.

One of the main goals of the festival is to present quality films to Norwegian buyers, in order to obtain distribution of more foreign films for children and young people in Norway. The festival is an important showcase for films from the Nordic countries, but we are also eager to present films from all parts of the World.


FILM&KINO’s Children’s Film Award
A professional jury awards the best film in the Main Programme with NOK 75.000 as well as a diploma, to support Norwegian distribution for the film. Presented by FILM&KINO (Norwegian Film and Cinema Foundation). Winner 2010: THE MAGIC TREE (Poland 2009, dir. Andzrej Maleszka )

The Don Quijote Award
The International Federation of Film Societies (FICC) jury awards the most outstanding film in the Youth Programme (14+). Winner 2010: FISH TANK (United Kingdom 2009, dir. Andrea Arnold)

The Ludi Award
Audience award for best film in the Main Programme, including a statuette and a diploma. Winner 2010: THE MAGIC TREE (Poland 2009, dir. Andzrej Maleszka )

A professional jury awards the best film in competition with CIFEJ trophy and certificate. Winner 2010: A BRAND NEW LIFE (Korea/France 2009, dir. Ounie Lecomte)


The Main Programme is devoted to new feature films for children for theatrical and video release. Titles are selected on artistic merit.

The sidebars will consist of several short film programmes, Panorama, Youth Programme (14+), and Documentaries.

Please fill in our
online registration form before sending us your DVD screener.

DVD screeners should be sent to:
Barnefilmfestivalen v/Even Jensen
P.O. box 356
4663 Kristiansand

For more information, please contact programmer Even Thunes Jensen