Discoveries of a Marionette

marionettens oppdagelser 
Discoveries of a Marionette is a warm and humorous documentary growing from the entertaining and errant life of Alf Mørner.

There has always been a distance between director Bjarte Mørner Tveit and his grandfather, the strong patriarch Alf Mørner. However, the gap between the generations is perhaps about to close when old Alf presents a strange gift to Bjarte; countless metal cans containing 8mm film from Alf’s life and his journeys around the world. The films open a hidden universe of grandfather’s past to Bjarte, and while looking at the films he discovers stories that had remained hidden for up to seventy years. But strings were attached to the seemingly generous gift and Bjarte soon has to embark on a demanding voyage of his own.

Discoveries of a Marionette is a poetic and peculiar documentary film. It alters between entertaining or heartbreaking personal episodes and philosophical reflections on eternal matters. Through the film Alf Mørner leads us on a weird and wonderful expedition through life and death, love and hate, over the sea and in the end: into eternity. Nothing less.
Cast: Alf Mørne,  Bjarte Mørner Tveit
Screenplay: Bjarte Mørner Tveit
D.O.P: Torstein Grude
Editor: Erik Anderson
Composer: Arne Hovda
Producer: Torstein Grude
Production company: Piraya Film as
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