Cannes 2011 - #2 Digital distribution

Digital distribution


The digital era gives us new ways to finance and distribute stories! A new relationship is developing between stories, audiences and creators. We will be telling, delivering, sharing stories.

 Audiences today care less about format. They care about ideas.

 From being a business influenced by gatekeepers, it is becoming a more creator led, and consumer led business.

-       From being a business influenced by limited spaces on different limited levels, it is becoming a business where content has unlimited space.

-       From a situation where the filmmaker is in a pidestal, never really communicates with his or her audience it is now a lot more of two way access. The filmmaker has direct access to the audience and the audience has more access to the filmmaker.

-       From being a business where delivery and distribution has been very expensive, delivery and distribution now doesn’t have to be expensive before.

-       The conventional film business has been well suited for big bloc busters and not very accessible for smaller, independent productions. The new ways of digital distribution is more suitable for niche projects and specialist productions.

-       From having a very fixed strategy for every production it is becoming a lot more possible and necessary to tailor your strategy to your particular project. The traditional windows are blurring.          

-       From having single format projects we are looking at multi format content/ cross media formats.

-       From working in different territories when it comes to distribution, it is now global, instant distribution.

-       From dealing with exclusive rights we are going to deal with non-exclusive rights. Keeping the rights to distribute our film directly for instance.

-       Audiences: have taken control, are no longer passive, personalize their media consumption and are fragmented across the different platforms.

 It’s going to be about active collaboration and co-creation more than an eccentric filmmaker making a film for me to consume.

-       Keywords are collaboration/ crowdfunding/ crowdsourcing


Things to think about when you make your campaign:

-       What is the story I want to tell?

-       How will I deliver the story?

-       What kind of audience participation do I need or want?

-       How will audience participation affect the story over time?


A good story is the keystone, which is fundamental in every project if you are going to succeed!


If you would like me to go into further detail on digital distribution, don’t hesitate to contact me at







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