Belarusian Waltz

In Belarus, the totalitarian regime cracks down on all opposition. Anyone criticising the dictator risks imprisonment and torture. This film tells the incredible personal story of the performance artist Alexander Pushkin, who is one of very few who is not scared. Facing grave consequences he organizes public stunts that mock president Lukashenka. Through his art and sense of humour we take a deep dive into the soul of the Belarusian people.
Writer/Director              Andrzej Fidyk
Producer                      Torstein Grude
Associate Producer      Bjarte Mørner Tveit
Production Company    Piraya Film AS
Co-producers               The Rafto House Foundation, MG Production.
Camera                        Adam Fręśko
Composer                    Krzesimir Dębski
Sound Recordist          Staszek Kolenda
Editor                          Jan Mironowicz
Production assistants   Helga Maria Sulen Sund, Mari Linn Larsen, Trygve Svensson
Prizes received
2009 PBS - P.O.V candidate for the Emmy Awards
2007 Nominated for Prix Arte - European Film Academy Award for Best Documentary Film.

Festival participation
2007 Prix Europa, Potsdam, Germany
2007 Bergen International Film Festival
2008 One World Film Festival, Prague
2008 Hot Docs, Toronto
2008 Guth Gafa Documentary Film festival, Ireland
2008 Nordox, Beijing
2009 Amnesty International Film Festival, The Netherlands
belarusian waltz poster